Are you looking for a new projector and need help deciding between the Epson Projector 2350 and the Epson Projector 3800? To choose wisely among the many possibilities accessible, it’s critical to comprehend their differences.

In this article, we will contrast these two projectors and go through their features, capabilities, and applicability for various applications. Whether you’re a fan of movies, video games, or business, we have you covered! So let’s examine the differences between the Epson Projector 2350 and the Epson Projector 3800.

Epson 4050 Vs. 5050: a Quick Overview

Are you looking for an easy way to differentiate the Epson 2350 and 3800 projectors apart? The table below provides a summary of the key distinctions between them.

ProsEpson 2350Epson 3800
1Clear and vivid 1920 x 1080 resolution imagesHigh-definition (4K UHD) resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)
2Suitable for casual gamers and home theater enthusiastsAppropriate for presentations, workplace, and schools
3Decent brightness of 2200 lumensColorful and vivid images even in well-lit spaces
4Outstanding 70,000:1 contrast ratioImpressive 100,000:1 contrast ratio
5Lightweight and portable designMore durable lamps than Epson Projector 2350
6User-friendly features and operationsResponsive gaming experience with less input lag
7Positive customer testimonials for image quality, affordability, and usabilityPositive client testimonials for professionalism, dependability, and image quality
ConsEpson 2350Epson 3800
1Lower resolution compared to Epson Projector 3800Higher price compared to Epson Projector 2350
2Lack of brightness for well-lit spacesMay be excessive for simple home theater setups
3Shorter bulb life compared to Epson Projector 3800Bulkier and less portable design
4Slightly higher game input lagAdditional speakers may be necessary for better audio quality
5Not as appropriate for formal presentations or situations where high image quality is importantFewer optimal usage scenarios, primarily for experts or those seeking excellent image quality

Epson 2350 Vs. 3800: In-depth Comparison

Epson 2350 Vs. 3800

Let’s quickly introduce the Epson Projector 2350 and the Epson Projector 3800 before getting into the specifics. Both highly quality projectors are part of Epson’s remarkable lineup.

The Epson Projector 3800 is intended for professionals and people who require high-quality projection for their presentations or classes, while the Epson Projector 2350 is designed for home theater enthusiasts.

Resolution and Image Quality

The Epson Projector 3800 impresses in terms of resolution and image quality. With a native 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixel) resolution, it offers astounding clarity and detail. The Epson Projector 2350, on the other hand, has a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution, which still produces a clear and colorful image but is less detailed than 4K.

Brightness and Contrast Ratio

epson 3800 Brightness and Contrast Ratio

In terms of brightness, Epson Projector 3800 is brighter than Epson Projector 2350. The 3800 projector provides brilliant and vivid images even in well-lit spaces due to its brightness rating of 3000 lumens. While not as bright, the Epson Projector 2350 still offers a decent 2200 lumens, making it acceptable for settings with low lighting.

The Epson Projector 3800 once again shines in terms of contrast ratio due to its higher contrast ratio of 100,000:1, which produces deeper blacks and more distinct details. Although it doesn’t match the 3800’s contrast levels, the Epson Projector 2350’s 70,000:1 contrast ratio still makes excellent contrast levels.

Connectivity Options

Both projectors provide a variety of connectivity options to support different devices. The HDMI ports on the Epson Projector 2350 and Projector 3800 make connecting your Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and streaming devices simple. They also have USB ports, VGA inputs, and audio jacks for further flexibility.

Throw Ratio and Projection Size

epson 3800 Throw Ratio and Projection Size

The distance required to project an image of a particular size depends on the projector’s throw ratio. With a throw ratio of 1.32 to 2.15, the Epson Projector 2350 enables you to project larger images even in cramped spaces. The Epson Projector 3800, on the other hand, has a throw ratio of 1.35 to 2.84 and gives more flexibility in terms of projected distance and image size.

Lamp Life and Maintenance

When choosing a projector, lamp life is a crucial consideration. Compared to the Epson Projector 2350, the Epson Projector 3800 has a longer bulb life. The 3800 projector requires fewer lamp replacements due to its excellent longevity of up to 5,000 hours in normal mode and up to 10,000 hours in eco mode. While still providing a respectable lamp life, the Epson Projector 2350 falls short in comparison.

Gaming Performance

Epson 2350 Gaming Performance

To offer a fluid and responsive gaming experience, low input lag is essential for gamers. The Epson Projector 2350 and the Epson Projector 3800 have a low input lag, making them excellent gaming projectors. In contrast, the Epson Projector 3800 has a marginally lower input lag, which might be visible in games with high frame rates.

Sound Quality

Although projectors are mainly in charge of producing stunning sights, sound quality should be considered. The Epson Projector 2350 and Projector 3800 include in-built speakers producing passable audio.

However, it is advised to connect external speakers or audio systems to improve the sound quality for an immersive movie experience or professional presentations.

I’ll provide a link to YouTube here so you can see it visually, which will simplify things.

Portability and Design

The Epson Projector 2350 might be a better option if portability is essential to you. Compared to the Epson Projector 3800, it is smaller and lighter, making it simpler to transport and set up in various areas. Despite being slightly more significant, the Epson Projector 3800 has a more robust design and more appropriate capabilities for business use.

Price Comparison

When deciding what to buy, price is frequently a crucial factor. The Epson Projector 3800 is more affordable than the Epson Projector 2350. The Epson Projector 2350 is an excellent value if you’re on a tight budget but yet want a high-quality home theater experience. However, the Epson Projector 3800 justifies its additional price if you need the sophisticated capabilities and superior image quality of a 4K projector.

Ideal Use Cases

epson 3800

For those who enjoy watching movies in their homes but want to save money, the Epson Projector 2350 is a great option. It is ideal for movie nights and casual gaming sessions because of its Full HD resolution, decent brightness, and contrast ratio.

The Epson Projector 3800, on the other hand, is designed with professionals, educators, and people looking for a premium visual experience in mind. It is appropriate for presentations, classrooms, and anyone who expects excellent image quality and dependability due to its 4K resolution, increased brightness, contrast ratio, and prolonged lamp life.

User-Friendly Features

Both projectors provide user-friendly features to improve the entire experience. They have simple setup procedures, straightforward menus, and remote controls for practical use. Keystone correction, which reduces image distortion brought on by an uneven projection surface, is also a feature of the Epson Projector 2350 and Projector 3800.

I am adding a forum link here for your reference. This forum contains discussions where individuals have shared their opinions and experiences regarding these projector. This will prove helpful to you in finding the information you need.

Personal Experience

epson 2350

Having used both projectors personally, both are very useful in their ways. The Epson Projector 2350 is a terrific option for casual gamers and home theater aficionados because it offers good image quality and is reasonably priced.

The Epson Projector 3800, on the other hand, genuinely impressed me with its 4K UHD resolution, excellent brightness, and expert-level performance.

Although customer evaluations provide valuable insight, it’s vital to remember that individual preferences and use cases can vary. Making a decision should take into account your intended purpose and particular requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Epson Projector 2350 and the Epson Projector 3800 be ceiling-mounted?

Yes! Both projectors are compatible with ceiling mounting, giving installers flexibility.

Do these projectors support 3D content?

Yes! The Epson Projector 2350 and the Epson Projector 3800 support 3D, enabling you to take advantage of immersive 3D entertainment.

Can I connect external speakers to these projectors?

Yes! You can connect external speakers or sound systems to either projector’s audio output options for improved audio quality.

Are these projectors compatible with HDR content?

The Epson Projector 2350 and the Epson Projector 3800 offer HDR (High Dynamic Range) material, producing more vivid and realistic images.

Can I use these projectors in well-lit rooms?

Both projectors may be utilized in well-lit settings, although a darker atmosphere will produce better image quality. The Epson Projector 3800 works better in bright environments due to its higher brightness rating.


In conclusion, depending on your demands and budget, the Epson Projector 2350 and the Epson Projector 3800 are full options. The Epson Projector 2350 is a good choice if you value cost, good image quality, and gaming performance in your home theater setup.

The Epson Projector 3800, on the other hand, is the best option if you need professional-grade image quality, 4K resolution, better brightness, and longer projector lamp life for presentations or classroom use.



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