Are you looking for a new projector but need help deciding between the Formovie Theatre and the Epson LS800?

Look nowhere else! In this article, we’ll examine these two outstanding projectors in-depth to help in your decision-making.

Finding the ideal projector for your needs is essential whether you enjoy watching films, playing video games or working from home.

According to my experience, Formovie Theatre is better for standing out with its native 4K resolution, affordability, and overall value for money reasons. At the same time, Epson LS800 is better for picture quality, brightness, and placement flexibility, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality home theater experience. However, I have crafted detailed differences between both ahead! So, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to identify the projector that best suits your needs.

Epson Ls800 Vs Formovie Theater

Epson Ls800 Vs Formovie Theater: A Quick Overview

In this comparison, we’ll briefly overview these two projectors and highlight their key features. So, let’s dive in and see how they stack up against each other.

SpecificationEpson LS800Formovie Theater
Resolution3840 x 2160 (4K Enhancement Technology)3840 x 2160 (Native 4K)
Brightness4,000 lumens2,800 lumens
Contrast RatioUp to 2,500,000 : 1Up to 3,000:1
Lamp LifeUp to 20,000 hours (ECO mode)Up to 20,000 hours (ECO mode)
Throw Ratio0.16:1 (D:W)0.23:1
Keystone CorrectionVertical: ±30 degrees, Horizontal: ±30 degreesVertical: ±40 degrees
Lens ShiftVertical: ±60%, Horizontal: ±24%Vertical: ±15%
ConnectivityHDMI (2 ports), USB (2 ports), Ethernet, RS-232C, Trigger OutHDMI (2 ports), USB (2 ports), Ethernet, RS-232C, Trigger Out
Compatibility4K HDR content, various devices4K UHD content, various devices
Weight27.6 lbs9.8 kg/21.6 lb
Dimensions (W x H x D)27.4 x 6.2 x 13.4 inches (WHD)4.23″ x 21.65″ x 13.74″ (HxWxD)

Epson Ls800 Vs Formovie Theater: In-depth Comparison

Epson Ls800 Vs Formovie Theater: In-depth Comparison

After briefly introducing the Epson Ls800 Vs Formovie Theater projectors, let’s thoroughly examine their detailed features and specifications. We can more clearly comprehend how these projectors differ from one another and make an informed choice by looking at the specifics.

Picture Quality

Epson LS800

The Epson LS800 needs to be improved in terms of picture quality. With its cutting-edge 4K Enhancement Technology, this projector offers a superb viewing experience. Because of its vivid and lifelike colors, You’ll feel engrossed in your favorite films, games, or presentations.

You may detect minor differences that could otherwise go unnoticed because of the striking contrast ratio, guaranteeing that every feature is displayed accurately and clearly.

Formovie Theater

On the other hand, the Formovie Theatre has native 4K resolution, meaning each frame will have the highest level of detail possible. Rich and precise color reproduction enhances the vivid and lifelike appearance of films and images. This projector supports high dynamic range (HDR), bringing out the entire range of brightness and contrast for spectacular images.

Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and Contrast

Epson LS800

The Epson LS800 performs admirably in terms of brightness. It produces 4,000 lumens, guaranteeing that your material is explicit and vibrant even in well-lit areas. The dynamic contrast enhancement feature provides a deeper black and increased shadow detail, which also improves gloomy situations, making for a more immersive viewing experience.

Formovie Theater

The Formovie Theatre uses a vital light source that generates enough brightness to illuminate your screen effectively. Dark pictures are displayed beautifully due to their strong contrast performance, which produces deep blacks and superb shadow detail. You may have a fascinating movie experience with this projector, even in spaces with natural light.

I’ve provided a YouTube link below for your convenience to assist you understand.

Installation and Placement Flexibility

Epson LS800

The Epson LS800 has a wide range of installation and placement options. Without physically moving the projector, you can effortlessly modify the position and size of the image using motorized lens shift, zoom, and focus capabilities.

Due to the broad lens shift range, You can align the projected image by making horizontal and vertical adjustments. Additionally, the vertical and horizontal keystone correction features make up for any distortions brought on by tilted projection surfaces.

Formovie Theater

The Formovie Theatre provides respectable installation and placement versatility despite lacking motorized lens shift, zoom, and focus features. The lens can be manually turned to get the proper focus and size of the image.

With some vertical adjustments possible because of the moderate lens shift range, it is possible to align the projected image. The vertical keystone correction tool also fixes image distortion from different projection angles.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Formovie Theater

Epson LS800

You can connect numerous devices simultaneously using the Epson LS800’s multiple HDMI inputs. To ensure compatibility with the most recent media formats, it now supports 4K HDR material. This projector offers a variety of connectivity choices to meet your demands, whether you want to connect a Blu-ray player, game console, or streaming device.

Formovie Theater

The Formovie Theatre has numerous HDMI and USB connectors for syncing devices. Due to its compatibility with such material, you may watch 4K UHD movies and play 4K UHD games. You may effortlessly connect your preferred media players, gaming consoles, or streaming devices with its flexible connectivity for countless entertainment options.

User Interface and Control

Epson LS800

Epson LS800

With the Epson LS800, you can easily navigate various settings and choices due to its user-friendly on-screen menu.

Due to the straightforward interface, the user experience is fluid regardless of whether you need to change the image, choose inputs, or personalize display settings.

You can easily control your viewing experience from the comfort of your seat due to the remote control that comes with the projector.


The Formovie Theatre has an easy-to-use on-screen interface that simplifies projector setup and tuning. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for by navigating the settings and options, which lets you easily customize your viewing preferences.

You have complete control over your cinematic experience due to the supplied remote control, which makes it simple to access all the necessary features.

Audio Performance

Formovie Theater

Epson LS800

The built-in speakers of the Epson LS800 produce decent sound. Connecting external audio systems will improve your overall audio experience even though they are acceptable for casual use. You may enjoy immersive sound that enhances the excellent visual quality of this projector by using external speakers or a soundbar.

Formovie Theater

The built-in stereo speakers in the Formovie Theatre offer a satisfying audio experience. However, attaching external audio equipment is advised for a richer, more cinematic experience. You may produce an audiovisual experience that is utterly compelling by using a surround sound system or specialized speakers.

Price and Value for Money

Price and Value for Money of ls800

Epson LS800

The pricing is reasonable for the features and performance the Epson LS800 offers. It offers exceptional value for your money because of its feature-rich projection system, which includes superior picture quality, installation flexibility, and good connectivity options. Its long-term cost reductions make it a desirable investment because of its energy-efficient operation and durable components.

Formovie Theater

The Formovie Theatre is an alluring option for people on a tight budget because of its affordable pricing. Despite being inexpensive, it doesn’t sacrifice quality. It has top-notch components that provide excellent picture quality and a fantastic user experience. The Formovie Theatre is a solid option if you’re searching for a projector that offers outstanding value without going overboard.

I’ve provided a link to a forum where many people have shared their opinions and experiences for your convenience.

You can get various perspectives on the product through this forum. You’ll benefit from this.

Epson LS800 Pros

Epson LS800
  • Stunning picture quality with advanced 4K Enhancement Technology.
  • Vibrant, realistic colors that breathe life into your work.
  • Excellent contrast ratio for better depth and details.
  • For crystal-clear images, even in well-lit areas, high brightness output.
  • Lenses with motorized shift, zoom, and focus are used for simple setup and adjustments.
  • Several HDMI inputs and support for 4K HDR content.
  • Easy remote control and an intuitive user interface.
  • Support for external audio systems as well as built-in speakers.
  • Cost savings over the long run and a reasonable price range.


  • Compared to some competitors, the brightness is lower.
  • They limited the keystone adjustment range in the vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Design that is heavier and bulkier than other tiny projectors.

Formovie Theater Pros

Formovie Theater
  • Native 4K resolution for the finest level of detail.
  • Rich and accurate color reproduction for vivid and realistic visuals.
  • High dynamic range (HDR) support for impressive brightness and contrast.
  • A powerful light source for ample brightness in any setting.
  • Manual lens shift, zoom, and focus for flexible installation.
  • Ample connectivity options and compatibility with various devices.
  • Intuitive on-screen menu and easy-to-use remote control.
  • Built-in stereo speakers for decent audio performance.


  • They restricted the vertical shift range for lenses.
  • A bulb life that is shorter than that of specific projectors.
  • Proportions that are larger than other minor options.


The Epson LS800 and the Formovie Theatre both have outstanding features and capabilities. Both projector can be a fantastic addition to your home theater system or office space, depending on your requirements, tastes, and financial constraints. Take into account the elements that are most important to you and base your choice on your needs.



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