Are you looking to upgrade your inexpensive projector’s capabilities without exceeding budget?

You’re in the right spot. This article looks at some valuable tips for improving a budget projector. Putting these suggestions into practice may enhance the projection experience while improving the picture quality and performance.

Let’s explore the realm of inexpensive projector upgrades and learn how to maximize your cost-effective device.

How To Make A Cheap Projector Better?

Here are some straightforward ways how to make a cheap projector better:

Use a High-Quality Projection Screen:

Purchasing a high-quality projection screen can considerably enhance your projector’s image quality. Seek displays with high gain, numerous viewing angles, and color accuracy. They can improve color reproduction, contrast, and sharpness.

Consider Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Screens:

ALR screens are made to reduce the effects of ambient light, enabling enhanced image visibility even in settings with intense lighting. These screens are a fantastic addition to budget projectors since they have specialized coatings that assist in maintaining image quality and contrast.

Utilize Streaming Devices or Media Players:  

Your projector’s capabilities can be increased, and you can access more content by connecting a streaming device or media player, like a Chromecast or Roku. In comparison to the built-in capabilities of low-cost projectors, these devices frequently have more robust streaming capabilities and user interfaces.

Upgrade Your Video Source:

Consider replacing your outdated video source with a more recent one that supports higher resolutions and better video output if you’re still using an outdated device like an old DVD player or gaming console. This can help your projector provide the best possible images.

Use External Video Processors or Scalers:

By offering cutting-edge video processing features, external video processors or scalers can improve the projector’s ability to produce high-quality images. These tools can boost overall visual clarity, lower noise, improve color accuracy, and upscale lower-resolution video.

Control Ambient Light:

The ideal setting for watching films or playing video games is a dark room, but this isn’t always possible. By adjusting ambient light, the viewing experience can be made better. To reduce the influence of ambient light sources on the projected image, use blackout curtains, dimmable lighting, or ambient light-rejecting paint on the walls.

Optimize Projector Placement:

Experiment with projector placement to achieve the best image quality. Ensure the projector is aligned correctly and at the correct distance and angle to the projection surface. Using adjustable mounts or stands can help achieve optimal positioning.

Consider Accessories:

Various accessories can enhance the functionality and image quality of your cheap projector. Some examples include projector mounts, extension cables, HDMI switches, and wireless HDMI kits. These accessories can improve convenience, cable management, and connectivity options.

Improve Sound Quality with External Speakers:

Most budget projectors have built-in speakers that may not deliver the best audio experience. Consider connecting external speakers or a soundbar to enhance sound quality and immersion during movie nights or gaming sessions.

Upgrading Firmware And Software For Enhanced Features

Upgrading Firmware And Software For Enhanced Features

A critical step in maximizing the performance of your cheap projector and ensuring that you have access to the newest features and enhancements is updating the firmware and software. Firmware updates from the manufacturer frequently fix bugs, improve stability, and add new features to the projector.

Similar functionality, compatibility, and user interface improvements can be made with software updates. You can gain several advantages by updating the firmware and software, including:

Enhanced Performance:

Updating the projector’s firmware can improve internal operations, resulting in better performance, more streamlined operation, and quicker response times. This may improve overall functionality, decrease input lag, and enhance image quality.

Expanded Compatibility:  

Updates to your projector’s firmware and software frequently bring about compatibility improvements that make operating easier with the newest gadgets, file types, and networking possibilities. This guarantees there won’t be any compatibility problems when you connect and enjoy information from various sources.

New Features and Functions:

Upgrades may add new features and capabilities to your projector that weren’t previously available. This can offer more picture options, powerful image processing techniques, built-in apps or streaming services, and better audio settings. These improvements can greatly improve your viewing experience.

Bug Fixes and Stability:

Updates to firmware frequently fix known faults, hiccups, or performance problems. You can experience a more consistent and reliable projector performance by applying these updates, reducing the likelihood of running into annoying problems or malfunctions.


Can I improve the picture quality of a cheap projector?

Yes, several ways to enhance the picture quality include optimizing lighting conditions, adjusting projection settings, using a suitable projection surface, and fine-tuning image parameters like brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness.

What can I do to improve audio quality with a cheap projector?

Connect external speakers or a sound system to the projector to enhance audio performance. Position the speakers strategically for optimal proper distribution and consider upgrading to higher-quality speakers for better sound reproduction.

Are there any affordable accessories to improve a cheap projector’s performance?

Yes, affordable accessories can enhance a cheap projector’s performance. These include high-quality projection screens, ambient light-rejecting screens, external video processors or scalers, and streaming devices or media players for expanded functionality.

How can I minimize fan noise from a cheap projector?

Place the projector on a stable surface to minimize vibrations that can increase fan noise. Ensure proper ventilation and clean any dust or debris from the projector’s vents to prevent overheating and excessive fan noise.

Can a cheap projector be connected to external devices like smartphones or laptops?

Yes, most cheap projectors have HDMI or VGA ports that allow you to connect external devices like smartphones, laptops, or gaming consoles. You may need appropriate cables or adapters to establish the connection.

Can I upgrade the firmware of a cheap projector?

The firmware of several affordable projectors might be updated. Check the manufacturer’s website to see if any updates are available for your particular model. Updates to the projector’s firmware can enhance functionality, introduce new features, and fix any problems that have been reported.

What can I do to improve connectivity options with a cheap projector?

Consider choosing high-quality cables and connections to ensure a steady and dependable connection between the projector and your video source. For more practical connecting alternatives, look into wireless HDMI kits or Bluetooth transmitters.

Are there any tips to prevent overheating issues with a cheap projector?

Keep the projector’s vents clear to ensure proper airflow. Avoid using the projector nonstop for extended periods. You should consider utilizing external cooling fans or putting the projector in a well-ventilated place if overheating happens frequently.

In Conclusion:

You may significantly enhance an inexpensive projector’s performance and general quality by using the strategies and tactics covered in this article. It’s essential to remember that upgrading a projector on a tight budget necessitates a combination of configuration adjustments, audio quality enhancements, accessory use, and connectivity considerations.

With the correct modifications and upgrades, your affordable projector can become a valuable and entertaining entertainment option. So, whether you want to improve the projector’s picture quality, audio quality, or functionality, using the advice provided in this tutorial on how to make a cheap projector better will significantly improve your viewing experience.

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